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Our Co-Worker Only Talks in Clickbait, What Happens Next Will Blow Your Mind!

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I’m crying. Seriously, this video gave me all the feels. It brought me to tears, and I would have never believed what happened next. Tired of hearing this kind of clickbait? So are my co-workers and I, because our employee Dan has gone off the rails. He only talks in clickbait. Our office is going crazy having to hear him talk like this, so we set up some cameras to catch him in the act. What happens next will blow your mind.

Okay, I’m sorry, it won’t blow your mind. It won’t leave you speechless or stunned either. But, I bet it will make you laugh. And, truthfully, the ending of this video is the best part. Get ready to feel a little better about these exaggerated headlines, because now every time you read them, you can think of our coworker Dan.

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