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Palin Wants All Immigrants to Eat American Foods like Pizza and Tacos

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“What do immigrants eat, anyway? Grass?”

sarah palin with pizza and tacos by her head

Source: YouTube @CNN; Shutterstock

“Immigrants are taking over this country, and they need to respect American cuisine like hot dogs and Thai food.” Sarah Palin, former governor of Alaska and current seeker of microphones and cameras, shouted yesterday to anyone who would listen. The declaration came just after Palin insisted if immigrants were going to come to America they should speak American, a language that has yet to be invented, but we assume is close to English.

“Immigrants from all over the world are welcome here, but they need to start boosting America’s economy by eating American food like pizza and tacos,” she continued while several reporters listening began to have seizures. “Furthermore, you know, immigrants need to respect America’s greatest men and women like Albert Einstein and Justin Bieber.

She continued for several hours naming her favorite American colors including indigo and orange, as well as her favorite American countries including Europe. At which point all reporters left the scene, somewhat saddened by the shape of our country. The only news source to continue filming this monster of a woman was CNN, which isn’t really a news source anyway, so they were cool with her incoherent babble.

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