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Parents Cautioned To Check Candy For Razors, Needles, Gluten

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Coming from the American Health Association in association with Moms Fearing Everything Organization organized by the Helpers for a Happier Halloween, a new statement has warned parents to check all Halloween candy for razors, needles, and gluten.

Each year, parents are reminded to check their children’s candy for any suspicious wrappings or shapes that might imply someone had compromised the sweets. However, this year, for the time, parents are warned against evil wheats and grains that could cause a complications in the child’s gut.

“Pretzel M&Ms, Rice Krispies, even Pay Days, The Johansons are taking zero risks,” said one concerned parent. “We keep our little Stevey as safe as possible, and gluten might as well be a razor to our baby boy’s gut!”

Stevey Johanson, a 12-year-old in 7th grader isn’t as convinced. “It’s all a myth! It’s just a way to scare parents and cause controversy. Honestly, have you ever heard any child accidentally swallowing gluten?”

The anti-gluten group Paleo Pals disagrees with this youngster and warns parents of the dangers of grains. “We can’t allow our children to eat something that may be associated with some kinds of potential cancers in some cases in various concentrated studies!”

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