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Patrick Dempsey Will Return to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ As…

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patrick dempsey to play MRI machine

Never fear, fans!(Photo by Getty / Harold Cunningham)

The whole world gasped as news leaked of Patrick Dempsey’s death as Dr. Derek Shepherd on the show Grey’s Anatomy. Dempsey has played the part of Dr. Derek Shepherd for the past 11 years, but this Thursday was killed off the show in a horrific car accident.

While many fans of Dempsey were upset, others wondered if the actor would return to the show, as he is still under contract. Through an unnamed source, we have found the answer.

Patrick Dempsey will return to the next season of Grey’s Anatomy as a smart-talking, wise-cracking MRI machine.

Thankfully, we won’t have to wait long for his return. As our source reported, after his death, daring scientist and newcomer, Dr. Boombabble tries a wild and successful experiment to transfer Dr. Shepherd’s consciousness into an MRI machine.

Through the process, Dr. Shepherd will have obtained a wild sense of humor. Catch phrases such as, “Whirr-Whirr-Wild!” and “Surfing those brainwaves, Doc!” will no doubt take the world by storm.

So there you go, Grey’s Anatomy fans, you can sigh in relief.

Patrick Dempsey to play MRI

Dempsey looks even sexier than before! (Photo by Flickr / Liz West)