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People Who Sing In The Car Are Happier, Passengers Are Not

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Angry Passenger

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A new study revealed that drivers in cars that sing to themselves or the radio are happier, healthier and live longer. However, another study showed that the passengers in those same cars are depressed and wish for the driver and themselves a terrible, terrible death.

The study asked passengers before they were in the car, during, and after how they felt when a close relative sang a tune while driving down a boulevard. “When my wife sings Katy Perry I’m pretty sure Satan himself has her possessed. I mean, I hate Katy Perry in the first place, but to hear my wife of 26 years wretch that awful music makes we want to put a gun to her head and, frankly, my own. If only I owned two guns!” said one disgruntled husband.

The majority of passengers felt the same. Even when some of the drivers were professional singers, passengers went un-phased. “I don’t care how good of a singer you are, when you harmonize to Steve Miller Band, it takes away to rawness of that band. I want to slam this pen into my ears!” One mother told her 17-year-old daughter.

Researchers are now planning to study the effects of back seat drivers on both the front seat passengers in hopes that we can, once and for all, make it clear that they are the worst.