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Perverted Starbucks Employee Records Homeless Men Taking Dumps

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A five year old boy with his mother discovered a hidden camera under the sink of a Starbucks bathroom in Los Angeles County this week. The camera, pointed at the toilet, was intended to record video of homeless men taking long dumps.

Starbucks store manager, Jim Garfley spoke out, “We can’t say for certain who put that video camera there, but we’re pretty sure his name rhymes with Michard. And people whose name rhymes with Michard are always talking about homeless dudes using our restrooms.”

Police have confiscated the camera and are investigating the situation. Local Police Chief Harry Roderman held a brief press conference and said, “There are a lot of freaks out there, many of whom get pleasure in seeing homeless men on the can. Starbucks is a treasure trove for that. In any event, we’ll do our best to find the culprit.”