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Planned Parenthood Partners With Purina

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(Photo by iStock /Charles Mann)

In shocking news out of Planned Parenthood headquarters today, the organization best known for providing reproductive health services announced a new business venture: dog food.

These new developments are particularly shocking, given the criticism Planned Parenthood has faced following the release of a video that some claim documents the illegal selling of fetal tissue by affiliates of the non-profit organization.

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards was unapologetic in her comments to the media, saying, “You think we care that you caught us selling fetuses for medical research? That was just our scrap pile. We coerce so many women into abortions they don’t want to have that we don’t know what to do with all these dead babies. Thank God for Purina.”

Richards then paused to readjust her earrings, which appeared to be two small fetus skulls.

Reports indicate that Planned Parenthood and Purina will partner for the new “Did I Make a Mistake I’ll Regret for the Rest of My Life?” line of Puppy Chow, which will hit stores in Fall of 2015.

The dog food apparently tastes so good, humans are enjoying it. Would you try Purina’s new dog food? SHARE if you would!

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