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Prince Charles to the Queen, “Just Die Already!”

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“At least go into a coma…”


prince charles and queen elizabeth

Credit: Eamonn M. McCormack /Getty (L); WPA Pool (R)

Queen Elizabeth recently celebrated her 66th year as the crowned monarch of England, the longest such reign in history and one that led her son, Prince Charles, to mutter “Just die already!” under his breath.

Charles, who has been the heir to the throne for his entire life, insists reporters misheard the above quote. In a different interview the Prince said he was “more than happy to be an almost 70-year-old prince,” while his eye was noticeably twitching.

When reporters caught up with the Prince yesterday for further clarification on his comments, he was hovering a pillow above his sleeping mother’s face. Once the Prince noticed their presence he tossed the pillow to the ground, laughed nervously and invited them to talk in the kitchen, so he could prepare his mother’s afternoon snack.

“This idea that I want to be King is overblown. More than anything, I just hope nothing tragic happens to mother,” Charles said, while emptying the contents of a small vial into a cup labeled “the queen’s smoothy.”

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