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Printer Ink Now More Expensive Than Actual Printers

Jun 2, 2015 at 11:51 am |

printer and ink prics

(Photo by DRosa)

Workers at the Valley Village Best Buy were noticing the odd difference between the price of printers and ink. “I mean, it’s always been a scam,” said one employee anonymously. “We give the printer to you for free with the computer, and the ink lasts a month. Then you are back in here, buying two ink cartridges for fifty bucks a pop.”

But this is the first time the Epson printers were actually less than the cost of the ink. “They know you have to buy ink, that’s how they get you,” says customer Albert Moses. “But instead of buying the replacement ink, I just buy a new printer. You know why? It comes with new ink cartridges!” Mr. Moses said with a wink.

Production of homemade birthday cards and family newsletters drop drastically.

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