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Pro-Life Mom with Gay Son Wishes to Participate in Shout Your Abortion Campaign

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“Is 20 years old too late to abort?”


pro-life mom and a gay son


Dorothy Rhea, a conservative, pro-life mother of a gay son found herself jealous of the women participating in the #ShoutYourAbortion hashtag on Twitter yesterday.

“There’s no doubt that abortion is a terrible thing,” Rhea told reporters before glancing at her 20 year old son, Jeremy, applying mascara and sighing, “but sometimes I think, in very specific cases, some women should be able to kill a child in the womb, or maybe even well after they’ve been born.”

Rhea, whose dreams of having a daughter-in-law were shattered years ago when her son declared his favorite Power Ranger was the red one because he was “the cutest,” believes abortion should be allowed for very religious women who suspect their child may turn out to commit unforgivable sins like murder or holding hands with another man.

At press time, Dorothy Rhea was asking her priest to promise, for the 40th time, that God doesn’t hold the sodomy a child commits against their parent.

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