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Proud Son Sends Mother’s Day Card Only One Day Late

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(Photo by TJFritz)

Deven Rosa of Minneapolis, Minnesota is feeling quite responsible this morning as, for the first time, he’s sending his mother a Mother’s Day card only one day late.

“I woke up this morning and the fourth thing I did was run to the mailbox to send this card I bought yesterday,” Rosa told reporters.

The holiday, which celebrates the hard work, love, and appreciation for mothers, was not completely forgotten by Rosa on Sunday, “I saw everyone posting pics of their mom on Instagram, took me a few hours to realize what was going on, but then I sent my mom a pretty sweet text.”

Deven’s mother, Maria Rosa, sent us the text: “Hey Mom, send me a pic. Do it for the likes! Pls bring groceries soon. thx Devn.”

After some consideration, Deven realized sending a card might be the cherry on top and as a thoughtful gesture. “I’d have sent it earlier, but these holidays just come out of nowhere. Someone should invent a way of keeping track of all these things.”