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Rachel Dolezal to Be Awarded Best Costume for Past 15 Years

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Source: YouTube @Tom Breaking

Source: YouTube @Tom Breaking

Rachel Dolezal was recently awarded a lifetime achievement award by the International Association of Halloween Costume Contests

The President of the IAHCC, Christopher McNeely, completely covered in green body paint as part of his spot on Lou Ferrigno era Incredible Hulk costume, explained what made Dolezal award so well deserved.

“Ms. Dolezal was born a pudgy, plain looking white woman. To be able to convince even one person that she was black for like 20 minutes would’ve been an accomplishment for such a pasty blonde.” McNeely took a sip from his coffee mug, completely staining the handle green, before finishing his thought.

“But the fact that she lived as a black woman for over 20 years, that’s the best costume since my friend Terry had a super sick Heath Ledger Joker 6 years ago.”

Other members of the IAHCC had different reasons for recognizing the former head of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP.

Philip McCann, dressed as Tina Turner, thought Dolezal deserved the prize for “her wig work alone.” While Jessica Bates, in a fully functional Darth Vader suit was “just impressed she never used black face.”

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