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Rachel Dolezal to Prove She’s African American By Letting Police Shoot Her

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Rachel Dolezal, President of the NAACP Spokane, Washington chapter was recently questioned by a reporter on her African American roots. Dolezal walks away from from the interview after the reporter showed her a picture of her father, who resembles Tim Allen in the Santa Clause. While Dolezal has refused an answer to the KXLY reporter, she has recently released a statement to clear things up."Of course I am African American. How would I be in the NAACP if I wasn't? Ever think of that? But if you still need convincing, to prove to the world my race, I hereby announce that I will take one for the team, and allow the police to mark me as their next victim."A bold move by Dolezal, so now it's up to the police to overreact to some petty crime she probably didn't commit.

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