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Rachel Dolezal to Prove She’s African American By Letting Police Shoot Her

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Rachel Dolezal, President of the NAACP Spokane, Washington chapter was recently questioned by a reporter on her African American roots. Dolezal walks away from from the interview after the reporter showed her a picture of her father, who resembles Tim Allen in the Santa Clause. While Dolezal has refused an answer to the KXLY reporter, she has recently released a statement to clear things up.

“Of course I am African American. How would I be in the NAACP if I wasn’t? Ever think of that? But if you still need convincing, to prove to the world my race, I hereby announce that I will take one for the team, and allow the police to mark me as their next victim.”

A bold move by Dolezal, so now it’s up to the police to overreact to some petty crime she probably didn’t commit.

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