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Racists Actually Shocked it Took this Long for People to Protest the Confederate Flag

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(Photo by Getty / ERIK PEREL / Stringer)

Reacting to the defacing of a number of confederate monuments that took place last night in Charleston, South Carolina, local racist Daniel Smith expressed shock that it took this long for people to protest the confederate flag.

“The flag is not about racism, its about history,” said Smith, before bursting out into laughter and admitting “no, I’m just messing with you, it’s about racism. I don’t like black people. As a racist, I thought it was pretty cool that the state of South Carolina used a symbol of white supremacy for so long.”

Smith—who enjoys a comfortable life due to familial connections and white privilege, despite having no real talents of his own—said he’d be sad to see the confederate flag go, but took solace in the fact that it’s still really easy for police officers to kill unarmed black civilians.