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Refugees Are Basically Human Garbage, Why Not Kick Them?

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“At the very least, tie their shoelaces together.


reporter kicking a refugee

Source: Twitter @CasMudde

In one of the greatest injustices of the 21st century, a Hungarian camera woman was fired for kicking and tripping refugees that were trying to invade her country. What kind of sick, twisted world are we living in where an employed, showered woman gets in trouble for trying to defend her home country from a mass of unwashed, jobless immigrants?

I mean, if they didn’t want to be refugees, maybe they should’ve picked themselves up by the bootstraps and stopped their country from becoming a mess. Ever think of that smart guys?

I’m so tired of refugees thinking they can just traipse into any country they want, with outrageous requests like “health care” and “basic human rights.” It’s the same problem we’re having here with Mexicans.

Umm, did you pay taxes to the country you’re trying to sneak in to? Cause I’m a middle class man who might not be able to afford a second jet ski because of all the taxes I’m paying. Is that the kind of world you want to live in? A world where people born into a very comfortable situation have to give up minor luxuries so starving, destitute people that have witnessed horrible atrocities get to be treated with dignity? A world where I can’t have a second jet ski? Not me baby.


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