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Report: Jessica Is Sad Her Naughty Nurse Costume Pic Didn’t Get More Likes

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Poor Instagram performance shakes cosmetology student to her core.

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TGI Fridays waitress, cosmetology student, and aspiring model, Jessica, was distraught this morning following the poor performance of her Halloween costume picture on Instagram.

Sources close to Jessica confirm she expected at least 150 likes and 20 comments on her Instagram post, which featured the 22-year-old dressed in a white bra and panties with blue latex gloves on. Unfortunately, the would-be Instagram star only garnered 80 likes total for her take on a “sexy nurse.”

Analysts have yet to determine why Jessica’s numbers declined so much from last year’s “sexy schoolgirl” outfit. That costume, which featured a black bra and a very short plaid skirt which exposed both butt cheeks, was good for 125 likes.

For her part, Jessica has already began planning a strategy to correct this concerning trend.

“I just have to take a long hard look at myself, and think about what it’s going to take to get more likes,” the young woman told reporters.

“Maybe I could work really hard on a really good, creative, well made costume. Or, maybe I don’t have to worry about Instagram at all. Maybe my self worth shouldn’t fluctuate according to how many strangers hit a little heart button on their cell phones,”

She sat back in her chair and thought for a moment, before coming to her final conclusion.

“Or I could just literally show my nipples. Yeah, actually I’ll do that”

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