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Report: Satire Illiteracy Rampant Among Facebook Commenters

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The comment sections of Facebook have long been a battleground of intellectual sparring that harkens back to the days of ancient Greece. Recently, however, there has been a shift in the masterful debates waged there.

Users report a significant uptick in comments that reveal an inability to grasp even basic satire. And that’s a big problem for the somewhat popular social media site given its reliance on user-generated content.

Spencer Pi, the reasonably compensated 31-year-old chief marketing executive at Facebook had this to say, “We’ve noticed many adults commenting on posts and articles that have a 3rd grade satire literacy level. They’ve missed the humor and gone straight to misguided indignation. Which is a shame because the jokes on Facebook are all fantastic pieces of comedic brilliance crafted with searing wit. Not to mention the writers of satire are typically the most attractive of writers.”

We reached out to representatives of Google+, but they were far too busy managing their site’s heavy traffic to comment.