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Report: Some Fathers Still Kiss Their Babies Weirdly On The Mouth

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kissing baby on mouth

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A report published by the National Association of Creeped Out Acquaintances concluded that 35% of fathers are still weirdly kissing their babies on the mouth.

“There’s nothing cuter than a baby, especially if it’s your baby. I understand wanting to smother it with kisses, but, on the mouth?” NACOA President Trey Woodward said, grimacing noticeably after concluding his statement.

“Dude, I don’t know, it seems weird, right?”

He went on to say “I know it’s not gay to kiss your own kid on the mouth, especially when they’re young, but it’s definitely weird, right?” and “Like, at what point do you have to stop doing that 4? 5? Definitely by 6 it’s weird and gay right?”

Roger Startford, a local father, couldn’t disagree more with Woodward’s positions.

“Finding a father kissing his child disgusting is completely juvenile. On the mouth, on the cheek, on the tummy, even on it’s little tusch– there’s nothing weird or gross about it. My baby is 50% my DNA. He’s a part of me and it’s my job to show him affection so he doesn’t grow up to be immature and uncomfortable around things as basic and human as a father kissing his child on the lips.”

Woodward responded to these comments by saying “Yea, I get that, but still.”

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