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Republicans Scold Trump: You’re Making Us Look Like the Crazy Rich Racists that We Are

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Trump in trouble

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This week, Reince Priebus, head of the Republican National Committee, contacted Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and asked him to “tone down his inflammatory comments that have infuriated a key election constituency.”

We contacted Mr. Priebus to receive further comments on Trump’s actions:

“It’s troubling what Trump is doing,” Priebus said over a gold telephone on a three-level yacht. “He’s making us look like the crazy rich racists that we are. It’s tough, we spend a lot of time trying to make people think we like them and want to help them. All that time and effort will go to waste if Trump keeps exposing our true beliefs.” The sound of cracked lobster was heard over the phone. “I mean, we need to make it seem like we intend on helping the country, Trump is just too honest for this party. Now, if you’ll excuse me, one of the Koch brothers has asked me to braid his hair.”

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