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Rich Jerk Annoyed by Poor Jerk

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#RichLivesMatter struggles to take hold.

(Photo by shutterstock / YouTube)

Photo by shutterstock/YouTube

A man in the UK caused over $14,000 worth of damage to a man’s Aston Martin after he keyed the car. The driver of the car, a complete prick, turned in this video recorded from the car’s dashboard of the man, and police are now looking for the suspect.

Now the hunt for a poor jerk by a rick jerk is on. The rich jerk, a 58-year-old man name Mamus Mcmillus III is seeking the harshest repercussions possible. “I had to drive that keyed car back to my mansion, it was quite the embarrassment!” huffed Mcmillus III. “To make matters worse, I had to drive a Ferrari to the gala that night. It was quite the faux pas, quite!”

McMillus is reaching out to his other rich friends to help start a movement, “Us rich are treated quite unfairly by all the peasants of the city. And I want to start the hashtag #RichLivesMatter to bring attention to this serious issue.”

The #RichLivesMatter campaign hasn’t grabbed the attention of social media with only about 1% of users responding positively.

As for the poor jerk that keyed the car, most of social media is shrugging their shoulders. “I could care less what that poor jerk did, I mean, it’s not my car.” said Stephanie Crissley, a resident of Hackney, London, “And even it was, I drive a ’98 Corolla. Keying it would probably make it look better at this point.”

A Toyota spokesman responded to the comments, “Yeah, she’s probably right, that car sucks.”

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