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Tax Returns From Nation’s 1% Reveals Shockingly Predictable Stupidity

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America has a strange relationship with the extremely wealthy. We’re fascinated and repulsed. We hold them up as models of success, and throw verbal tomatoes at them after binge watching 19 hours of Bravo’s Boney Rich People Behaving Poorly. Arguments can be made for each, but we just got all these tomatoes and those rich wankers buy too much stupid crap for us to not throw a few.

See the insanely expensive things stupid rich people buy in our slideshow.

10. Hot Wheels

We have no problem leaving the will reading and heading right to the dealership to spend your new fortune on a gaudy set of wheels. But when that car is a 1957 Shelby Cobra with a price tag likely north of 2 million, maybe don’t use it to do donuts inside.

9. Gadgets

Everyone needs an iPad. Tim Cook has to feed his family somehow. But when you’re playing cards with them, you start to make the Occupy Wall Street kids seem less crazy.