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Richard Prince Plans to Sell More Than Just Your Instagram Photos

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That’s right, Richard Prince, the artist known for taking other people’s hard work and putting his name on it, is not only making money off of your Instagram photos; in fact, he has three new galleries on the way, all using your property to fill his wallet.

He’s Stealing Your Lunch

You read that right. Where’s your lunch? It’s not there is it? Richard Prince stole it and he’s calling it art. He just sold a salami sandwich for $22,000 to a dumb rich girl with a Pomerainian, and she intends to eat it and throw it back up to keep that child-like waist, in hopes of Prince will steal her Instagram next.

He’s Stealing Your Air

Are you feeling light-headed? Well, blame Mr. Prince. He’s been taking all the air, and even some of your farts, and storing it in big jars. Really big jars. He’s placing masking tape on the top, and using a Sharpie to mark the date of the air. He intends to sell the air for more than your sad, little condo by that retention pond is worth.

He’s Stealing Your Pride

Jerry Saltz, the well-known art critic, is calling Prince’s latest move, “more powerful than Michelangelo’s David and Picasso’s Man Playing Guitar double-teaming the Mona Lisa,” at which point, Saltz was asked to leave the YWCA. Either way, Saltz is right, because Prince has taken everyone’s pride and has wrapped it in tiny boxes and telling people it’s his own. Though it’s quite obvious he has no pride, people are buying.

All we can say is keep an eye over your shoulder; you’ll never know what Richard Prince will steal next!