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Right Wing Black Kid Hates Obama and Broccoli

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“Obama stinks as bad as broccoli!”


CJ Pearon complaining about obama and broccoli

Credit: Youtube @CJ Pearson; Pete Souza/Getty; Shutterstock

CJ Pearon, a 13-year-old, black conservative Republican, produced a video that went viral after the right wing teen harshly criticized President Barack Obama. Attempting to capitalize on his new found internet fame, Pearson has released a list of the “11 Largest Threats to The American Way of Life” that we have included below.

    • The systematic over-regulation of the free market


    • Broccolli


    • The looming military aspirations of Vladimir Putin


    • When the girl you like asks your friend Eric to the Sadie Hawkins dance


    • ISIS and the growing influence of radical islam in the middle east following America’s unwillingness to fully utilize our military might in the region


    • 9:00 pm curfew


    • Taxing job creators at so high a rate that their economic incentive is to move their operations overseas


    • Greedy illegal immigrants


    • Forgetting your gym clothes and having to wear the stinky loaner sweat pants


    • The moral decay of American Culture as evidenced by government support of same sex marriage and abortion


    • Your parents not letting you play Xbox until you memorize a bunch of stupid conservative talking points.


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Watch his idiotic rant here!

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