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Sandals Banned For Men on Airlines — Not Dangerous, Just Disgusting

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No Sandal on the Airplane

(Photo by istock shyflygirl)

When the ban on nail clippers began on airplanes, some complained that they could not be used as a weapon, but all of us agreed it’s disgusting to clip your nails on an airplane.
The only thing worse than getting hit with a strangers disgusting toenail is seeing the sockless, uncovered feet of the sandaled-man next to you for an entire flight. To watch a man scratch his toes just inches from your lunch is something no one should have to endure.

You still love sandals? The hard truth is that the only time a man should wear sandals is on the way to the beach or if you are the Dalai Lama…that’s it. Two reasons. If you are flying to Chicago, be a grown-up and a functional member of society by wearing shoes and socks. Is that too much to ask?

If anything made sense with air travel, there were would a ban on other annoying habits like talking on speakerphone, playing videos games with the sound on, eating deviled eggs, getting drunk and talking about your divorce. But for now, we take away one disgusting habit at a time.