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Scientists Discover First Non-Horrible YouTube Comment

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first non-horrible youtube comment

BigggNa$tyFrogThug discovered to be neither frog nor thug, but undeniably big and nasty.


A team of weary scientists in New Zealand met with media Monday to discuss a discovery that will go down in history.

After an exhaustive 5-year study, the team found a comment on YouTube that was not awful. The sentence “I remember this song” was entered in record books including The Guinness Book of Records who was on hand to document the find.

There was some debate among the team over whether the user’s follow up comment, “ben on the radio 4 months… it super lame”, disqualified the find, but they eventually agreed this is as close as they’re going to get.

The commenter “BigggNa$tyFrogThug” was reached for comment, but his quote was mostly emojis and obscenities and unusable.