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Scientists Discover Most Flightless Birds Just Lazy

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penguins are lazy

(Photo by Pixabay / robynm)

Penguins have never been considered athletic animals. Neither have chickens.

Until recently, these bird’s low physical ceilings were thought to be genetic traits that followed them through the ages, but new findings are challenging those conceptions.

An ancient penguin skeleton found in South America shows the birds once had much larger wings capable of flight, but the appendages shrank over time. The cause of this debilitating shrinkage? Non-use through good ole fashion laziness. These birds squandered their coolest trick, flight.

And they’re not alone. This is common among all flightless birds. The feathered fatties just got too lethargic to be bothered with flying and just scuttled about the ground instead.

Ostriches forfeited flight to run around like idiots. Once chickens realized they could catch rides on trucks, they began piling into cages and traversing the country. And now scientists fear that crows could be the next to abandon the skies as soon as they master public transit.