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Scientists From Djibouti Study Uranus

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Djibouti to get up close and personal with Uranus.


man showing children a telescope

Photo by iStock / stevecoleimages

Sitting at the coast of the Gulf of Tadjoura, scientists gathered children of Djibouti to study Uranus. The new studies started after Earth made an interesting rotation that allowed Djibouti to get a terrific look at Uranus. It has excited astronomers across Djibouti who love looking at Uranus but haven’t seen it this well in many years.

Scientists from Djibouti are huge fans of Uranus for obvious reasons. First, Uranus is quite clean and featureless. Everyone from Djibouti agrees that if Uranus was overly complicated with a lot of dust and surrounding rocks, or if it was oddly shaped, they would be less into it. “Here in Djibouti, we love Uranus.” said lead scientist Hamza Asfase, “We here wish we could get close to Uranus, to really see the terrain of Uranus, smell Uranus, and touch Uranus. Our fantasies about Uranus are endless.”

Asfase’s associate Mouna Indabut agreed, “I’m a huge fan of Uranus and can’t wait to get a good look at it with Dr. Asfase. He’s been prepping me to look at Uranus for months now. You know, warming me up, getting me used to the size. It’s truly an honor.”

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