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Sexy Old Lady with Awesome Knockers Doesn’t Want to be Objectified

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Wowza! This feminist doesn’t like me talking about her sweet behind!


Helen mirren holding a tony award

Credit: Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Helen Mirren said in a recent interview that she considered a man putting his arm around his girlfriend to show “ownership.” If she had it her way, no man would lean against the woman he was dating, because that’s sexist, apparently.

I mean this is getting ridiculous. What else is gonna be called sexist next? Oh, are Mirren and her crew of Feminazis gonna tell me I’m sexist because I take out the trash instead of my wife? Am I sexist because I insist my son pays for the dates he goes on? Or because I forbid my daughter from learning science because her smaller brain can’t take it? Guess all that stuff’s sexist now too, huh?

The biggest problem with this argument though is who it’s coming from. I can’t believe this sexy old lady with awesome knockers doesn’t want women to be objectified. I mean, if you want me to listen to any logical arguments you’re making, you shouldn’t have been a hot actress with cans that God hand carved himself.

Any woman who wants to be listened to for their brain has to put away their sweet yabos, put their hair in a messy bun and wear unflattering glasses, even if they don’t need help seeing. Society has very clear rules on this!

My daughter’s gonna be hot and I can’t wait until someone that can provide for her makes me a worthy offer for my princess.

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