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Single Man Pretends to Have Wife and Kids While Ordering KFC Family Bucket

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Man begs the empty seat of his Nissan Altima to “keep it down back there”

KFC bro

Source: Instagram @aboelnaga2013

At the conclusion of yet another failed OkCupid date, single man Alvin Sudra found himself in a KFC drive through, pretending to have a wife and kids, while ordering enough food to feed an entire family.

“Kids keep it down back there,” Sudra told the empty back seat of his Nissan Altima before ordering 8 pieces of fried chicken, a large mashed potatoes, large macaroni and cheese, and four biscuits which he planned to consume by himself on the Ikea couch that also doubles as his bed.

At the conclusion of his initial order he faked a phone call from his “wife.”

“What’s that honey? You want me to get dessert too?” he said into a phone that had run out of battery 2 hours prior.

“OK, you better add one of those chocolate cakes and 4 chocolate chip cookies to that order, don’t want to upset the old ball and chain,” the sad man who had never been in a meaningful relationship laughed into the KFC order window.

The next morning, Sudra, having woken up with his face covered in cheese and chocolate, was guiltily comparing the prices for a number of gyms he didn’t have any intention of actually signing up for.

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