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Six Flags Opens “Escape From Cuba Wild Raftin’ Ride”

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Get in a raft and maybe never come back!

(Photo by Creative Commons / Getty Images / ADALBERTO ROQUE)

Photo by Creative Commons / Getty Images / ADALBERTO ROQUE

Amid new roller coasters and stunt shows, the amusement park company Six Flags, has introduced a new ride: Escape from Cuba Wild Raftin’ Ride.

Six Flags, best known for rides like The Batman and Superman (which mimic superheroes) decided this year that they wanted to become more political. “We see Escape from Cuba a way of opening a conversation,” said CEO James Reid-Anderson. “You know, these lines are long, and no one talks about Batman or Superman when they’re waiting in lines. They’re not talking about Bugs Bunny. They’re talking abortion, free speech, and immigration.”

Escape from Cuba is just the start of politically-themed rides Six Flags plans to introduce. “In 2016, we plan to open Abort! a haunted house where YOU play the fetus,” said Reid-Anderson. “We’re also thinking of a global warming simulator, where you stand in an over that can reach over 250 degrees. However, people keep dying on that one so far.”