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Starbucks Apologizes and Releases Christian-Themed Cups

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starbucks holiday cup

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Christians are enraged by the unveiling of Starbucks’s new Holiday cups. The red-hued cups are rather plain compared to previous years which displayed snowmen, ornaments, and doves among other Christmas-themed imagery. Christians are accusing Starbucks of hating Jesus, and have even started the hashtag #MerryChristmasStarbucks, in which Christians have been ranting about the absurdity of a red cup instead of a cup with some type of Christmas or Christian symbolism.

Christians are even tricking Starbucks by telling the employees their name is Merry Christmas so they have write the phrase on their cup and call out their names throughout the store, even though employees have been instructed to only say “Happy Holidays”, rather than any specific denominational greeting.

Starbucks has stayed rather silent until now. To make their Christian customers happy, Starbucks will be releasing three additional cups.

See the new cup designs


Starbucks Jesus Cup 1

Jesus cups

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The cups reflect Jesus at one of his worst times. Even though Christ was born on Christmas and not crucified, most Christians connected most to these images referencing Mel Gibson and the Passion of the Christ.

Starbucks Jesus Cup 2

Jesus cups

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Most Christian’s knowledge of Jesus is, unfortunately, quite crude. When asked about the whole “love one another,” and “give forgiveness,” most Christians scratched their heads and asked, “More blood?”