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Statue of Liberty Turns 130, Still Boneable

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statue of liberty with city in background

(Photo by shutterstock)

On June 17th, 1885, the Statue of Liberty arrived in the USA from France, and 130 years later she’s still as hot and sexy as ever. Lady Liberty donned a green dress today to celebrate the joyous occasion, and we must say, it is definitely her color. With modest sandals and an exquisite tiara, she definitely had the hottest look of all 305 foot tall women on Liberty Island.

Most importantly, for being 130 years old, many men and women still find her extremely desirable. She’s become not only a symbol of freedom but of sex as well. “I’d love to see what’s under that toga of hers,” said one immigrant standing in front of a turnstile at the Port Authority with an oversized suitcase and a very smelly container of food. “I took a ferry out to see her the other day, she’s quite the catch, but I hear she’s dating Christ the Redeemer.”