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Stephen Colbert Says Goodbye to Jon Stewart and We Got Emotional Fuzzies in Our Tummy.

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(Photo by Comedy Central)

Photo by Comedy Central

Love them or hate them, you can’t deny Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert changed the face of comedy. Last night, Jon Stewart said goodnight to The Daily Show, and things got a little emotional for the two along with the whole team of correspondents that have helped Jon throughout his 16 years as anchor.

While most of the correspondents including Steve Carrell, Samantha Bee, Jon Oliver, Kristen Schaal, and Lewis Black shared a segment at the beginning of the show, Colbert had a special moment with a humble and embarrassed Stewart. “They asked me to do this,” admitted Colbert as Stewart squirmed awkwardly in his chair. It was emotional and filled our stomach with comedy fuzzies.

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