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Studies Show Most Texting Is Done In Bathroom Or While Driving

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Woman texting in the car

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Despite being against the law, most Americans are sending texts while driving or dropping anchor. Phone companies are now catering to those habits.

Bathroom texting has become so common that over 25,000 phones were dropped in the toilet last year in the U.S. alone.

That number is both alarming and disgusting. One Verizon customer says, “I see those idiots talking on the phone in the bathroom. But I guess I never really imagine someone is in the bathroom when they are texting me.” T-Mobile is actually coming out with a new waterproof phone that floats to help prevent these toilet phone disasters.

Although texting and driving is illegal, Mercedes-Benz announced a new model of steering wheel specifically designed so you can steer the car with your knees while texting. One woman who admits to texting while driving says, “Yes, of course driving safe is important, but so is keeping in touch with my friends.”