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Subway Officially Aborts Jared Fogle’s Pet Project “Subway for Kids”

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“Where kids can be themselves and with me.”

(Photo by shutterstock / Getty / Jason Kempin )

(Photo by shutterstock / Getty / Jason Kempin )

It’s been a rough month for Jared Fogle and it’s only getting worse, as more of his deviant private life comes to light.

“Subway for kids” was apparently Fogle’s dream project, but that dream along with Fogle’s fascination with eating disgusting cold cuts three times a day, is now over.

A new report surfaced that Fogle paid a 16-year-old a $100 to have sex, a common occurrence in the backwards-ass state of Indiana, but pretty damn creepy everywhere else. “Subway for Kids,” had planned to be a hidden-camera themed restaurant with the first franchise to be built in Indiana just behind Jared’s home.

Unfortunately for hidden camera-loving children, Jared was dropped by Subway last month, but has been approached by several Indiana businesses that are more aligned with his new image. These stores include: Uncle Sloppy’s Subs, Jack’s Whack Shack & Adult Emporium, and Waffle House.