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Subway to Test New Line of Sandwiches With Actual Flavor

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Subway restaurant has a bold plan for its not-so-bold food, and that plan is flavor.

(Photo by shutterstock)

(Photo by shutterstock)

Since 1965 Subway has been selling sandwich-shaped food things entirely devoid of any discernable flavor. And while that model has been successful — Subway is up to 43,981 locations in 110 countries — consumers want more.
“We take pride in giving people what they want, even when it’s something like flavor that we feel has no place in sandwich-shaped food things.”

The ingredients themselves won’t change, but “sandwich artists” will apply various flavor pastes to give diners the sensation of eating actual food. Chicken and turkey sandwiches will get a smear of “avian paste,” while pork and beef dishes will get a dollop of “live stock” flavor.

Subway is in a rush to get all product testing done before President Obama closes Guantanamo Bay where all of their research is being conducted.