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Subway to Test New Line of Sandwiches With Actual Flavor

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Subway restaurant has a bold plan for its not-so-bold food, and that plan is flavor.

(Photo by shutterstock)

(Photo by shutterstock)

Since 1965 Subway has been selling sandwich-shaped food things entirely devoid of any discernable flavor. And while that model has been successful — Subway is up to 43,981 locations in 110 countries — consumers want more.“We take pride in giving people what they want, even when it’s something like flavor that we feel has no place in sandwich-shaped food things.”The ingredients themselves won’t change, but “sandwich artists” will apply various flavor pastes to give diners the sensation of eating actual food. Chicken and turkey sandwiches will get a smear of “avian paste," while pork and beef dishes will get a dollop of “live stock” flavor.Subway is in a rush to get all product testing done before President Obama closes Guantanamo Bay where all of their research is being conducted.