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Sure Signs She Will BE Awful in Bed

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Dudes — dating is tough, and finding the right girl for you is even tougher. You need every advantage you can get to find the right girl for you. So first, put your priorities straight. She needs to be funny, personable, pretty, and of course, good in bed.

But how do you know before committing enough time to find out? Thankfully there are some tell tale signs to know if she’ll be awful in bed.

Signs she's awful in bed


Find out if she’ll be bad in bed.

She’s a bad kisser.

bad kisser

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When she kisses you, is it awkward? Does she use a lot of teeth? If so, that’s a good kiss. If she’s using a lot of upper lip and tongue, that might be a bad sign to how she uses her mouth during sex. The best sex uses a lot of teeth, just like the best kind of kissing.

She’s a bad communicator.

bad communicator

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In a relationship (and in bed), it’s important that she can communicate with you and let you know when something feels good or bad. With that in mind, make sure not to date a girl with a broken jaw that happens to be wired shut. Nothing will ever happen with that relationship.