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Ted Cruz to Stop Iran Deal Unless Obama Meets These Demands

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(Photo by Getty / Darren McCollester)

(Photo by Getty / Darren McCollester)

Ted Cruz is a strong opposer of the new Iran deal President Obama was able to negotiate with Iran. The deal would stop Iran from progressing its nuclear program for at least the next decade. Cruz has said the deal is a catastrophic mistake.

Ted Cruz has a plan though. He is currently preparing to introduce an amendment for a six-year highway funding bill that would force Obama to stop the Iran deal unless certain demands were met. What are those demands? There’s three, and they’re pretty intense.

Release American Hostages

There are 4 American hostages still being held in an Iranian prison. Currently the deal does not release the prisoners, and Cruz wants them out.

Deport All Avocados

Cruz is a staunch avocado hater, which makes sense that the Iran deal should include an agreement that all avocados should be deported from America. Wait, actually that doesn’t make sense at all…

To Be Voice of Ned Flanders

Harry Sheer, for about a month, quit the Simpsons. He was the voice of Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders, and even Homer. Cruz auditioned for the role and failed so badly Sheer decided to come back. Well, Cruz won’t let it go and the Iran deal must include a clause that lets him play Ned Flanders in the upcoming Simpsons season. Watch the audition and decide for yourself.

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