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Teen Brings Bible To School To Score With Christian Chicks

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Cross my heart and hope to get laid.

boy with bible next to a girl

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Today Christians participated Bring Your Bible to school. It’s a way to encourage Christians all over the world to show their support for those dudes God and Jesus. One teen, however, has another goal in mind: to get under those Christian chicks’ chastity belts.

Joey Goldsmith has a terrific idea. While he may be a practicing Jew, he’s decided to bring the New Testament to his local high school in hopes of flirting and potentially hooking up with a “sweet Christian chick.”

At interview time, we caught Joey high-fiving a few of his friends in front of the girl’s lockeroom talking about “That Jesus dude.”

“All my boys talk about how wild those Christian babes are. Blonde hair? Levis jeans? Doc Martins? My mind is running in circles, bro. So, I figured walk around with my bible and start some classic theological discussion. I hear that’s what the babes love.”

When we left Joey, praying by his locker, had yet to talk to any girls other than Ms. Cornian, the very butch gym teacher.

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