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The 11 Creepiest Mascots Ever

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When you’re a kid dragons, leprechauns, and magical bunnies are all the rage. You love them and they love you back. When you grow up though, you start to remember those fun little cartoon mascots and think, “Wow, that thing was creepy as all hell.”

Like Yo Noid — what was that thing? Or all animatronics at every birthday party ever. They didn’t just show up on stage and move awkwardly for a few moments, they showed up in your dreams and converted them to nightmares.

(Photo by Instagram)

Photo by YouTube/Rathergood

While some of our favorite mascots were fun loving muppets and clowns, others were downright freaky.

Here’s our list of the creepiest mascots from your childhood.

Avoid the Noid

(Photo by Instagram /midwestbk)

Photo by Instagram: midwestbk

Remember this creeper from Dominos Pizza? No one really knew what it was, but I guess he stole your pizza?

And children loved thieves

(Photo by Instagram / phillasaurusrex)

Photo by Instagram: phillasaurusrex

Obviously from this photo children were all about a creepy man/goblin(?) in red wandering around carnivals. Beautiful!