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The Fastest Microwave Omelette You’ll Ever Make

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Want to make the most delicious omelette you’ve ever had? Want to avoid using a bunch of pots and pans and bowls? We have the quickest way to make a omelette that, and all it includes is the microwave. Isn’t that crazy?

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Doesn’t that look delicious? Start slideshow to find out how to make a microwave omelette…

1) Gather all your ingredients!

1 Ingredients

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It’s best to keep it simple, so today we’re making a 3 ingredient spinach and cheddar omelette. You’ll need some spinach, a block of cheddar, and two eggs.

2) This ingredient/step is crucial!

2 shake

Credit: StavHalk

The reason this recipe is so easy is because of this crucial step. Most people mistakenly think you have to crack an egg and scramble it in a bowl — that’s an old wives tale! Save yourself the trouble by vigorously shake your eggs for up to a full minute. The longer you shake, the fluffier your omelette will be.