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The Invention That is Helping Divorce Rates Plummet…Do You Need This?

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If you could ensure a long and happy marriage without divorce, wouldn’t you do anything to rectify it?

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With divorce rates still high, many people are avoiding marriage, seeing it as too much of a risk. However studies show that married couples actually live longer, happier lives. Children of married couples as well reduce the risk of mental illness and often become more intelligent and responsible people.

So why not do everything you can to save your marriage? One company is trying to help.

Roll-A-New, a Seattle-based start up has introduced a new product that is guaranteed to help divorce rates plummet at an astounding rate. CEO of Roll-A-New Jeb Forester explains, “My marriage was on the fast track for divorce. My wife could barely stand to be in the same room as me let alone talk to me. And it all spurred from this,” Forester held up a used toilet paper roll. “No matter how hard I tried when a roll of toilet paper was gone, I just couldn’t replace it.”

That’s when Forester came up with the idea of an automatic toilet paper roll replacer. “The minute I installed the prototype into our bathroom, everything changed. My wife was smiling at me, she was hugging me, and a month into using the Roll-A-New, we had the most passionate love-making ever. It’s all thanks to that little machine. So, I decided to help everyone whose marriage was on the rocks and produce the Roll-A-New for anyone who wanted it.”

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The Roll-A-New is quite simple. A small robot with a front-facing camera sits quietly in the corner of your bathroom and watches the movement of the toilet paper roll, along with whoever is in the bathroom. The robot’s camera is synced to a large facility in Seattle where men monitor the toilet paper roll, and when a roll looks close to finished, the robot is activated. In a few simple movements, the robot releases the old toilet paper roll and adds a new, fresh roll of toilet paper, making your relationship with your spouse the best it can be.

“I’ve met thousands of men and women that thank me for saving their marriage,” said Forester, “I hope I can make that millions soon enough.”

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