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The Most Insane Quotes From Donald Trump’s Iowa Speech

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GOP Presidential hopeful Donald Trump gave an over 3 hour long speech at a rally Thursday night that produced its fair share of intense, sometimes bizarre lines from the Real Estate tycoon turned politician. Some have called the address a “tirade” while others find many of his remarks to be incendiary and intentionally provocative.

trump in iowa

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See if you can determine which of the following 11 quotes Trump actually delivered and which are too insane to be believed. Answer key at the bottom! Have fun!


1) Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

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People are sick and tired of her, of her *oh* of her whole big attitude. And she’s playing the woman card, that’s all she has. Honestly? Outside of the woman’s card she’s got nothing going, believe me, She’s playing the woman’s card big league. And believe me, I know so many women who say, I wouldn’t vote for her if you gave me a million dollars.

2) Marco Rubio

marco rubio

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Rubio: weak on illegal immigration, like weak like a baby, like a baby. Not a good poker player because every time he’s under pressure he just starts to profusely sweat. If he was playing poker with me I’d say “ah, I know what!” the water would start pouring off his body I’d say “ahhhh.” Boy he’d have a hard time. We need a poker player, okay? We need a great one.