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The Most Questionable Stock Photos On the Internet

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In the creative publishing field, you get to explore the world of stock images. What you find is a plethora of questionable images. Either strange, funny, or just jaw-dropping confusing. Well, thankfully for you, I’ve been collecting some of the strangest stock photos, and you’re going to thank me for them. You can even send me a thank you card. I’ll accept.

snowy cafe

Credit: Shutterstock

Get ready, friends, for some of the strangest stock images around.

Dog Mom

dog mom with puppy

Credit: Shutterstock

We’ll start easy with this one. Nothing too crazy, just a dog mom wearing an apron. Why is that other dog dead though?

Freaky Friday

dog as a cat and a baby as a dog

Credit: Shutterstock

Can you think of a reason why this image would ever need to be used? Who thought this would be a smart photo to take?