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The Naughtiest Elf of on the Shelf Photos

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One of the newer holiday traditions, one that’s become much more popular in the last few years, is the elf on the shelf. A adorable little elf that hides throughout your house and watches you and your children. Every night, after everyone goes to bed, the elf flies back to the North Pole to report on everyone’s behavior.

Unfortunately, some elves go bad. And when they do, they go real bad. Yikes!

elf on the shelf 27


See some of the naughties elves on the shelves…


The North Pole Pole

elf on the shelf 24

Credit: Imgur

So that’s what the North Pole actually looks like!


elf on the shelf 20


Some elves love to mess around in your kitchen. Thank goodness the kids can’t read yet!