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These People Died IMMEDIATELY After These Selfies

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Whoops! These silly people took selfies and then (dorks) totally died right after them. When we say immediately we mean it. Every single person just barely snapped the shot before a hilarious and horrific death befallen on their souls. Womp womp!

woman maybe dying


This girl is having fun, but not for long, she about to die!

Look into the eyes of these doomed souls, you sick freak!

Bad Idea!

man about to drink bleach

Source: Instagram @thinkabout_oioioi

This bonehead thought it would be funny to drink an entire bottle of bleach! Oh man, that’s not a good idea, bleach is poisonous! Unfortunately before he even drank the bleach, a meteor crashed into his house and he died.

Happy grandparents!

grandparents and baby

Source: Instagram @littlemisssophieyoon

Awww — aren’t these grandparents adorable? Is it a shame they died? No. Because it turns out they kidnapped that baby and were planning to raise it as their own. Little did they know that the baby was an experienced martial arts instructor and roundhouse kicked both of them to a bloody death. That baby is so cool.