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These Pictures Look Fake but They’re Actually Fake

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Ever see a photo so amazing you can’t believe it’s real? Sometimes they’re not. Sometimes they look so fake because they’re actually fake, like all of these photos we’re about to present to you.

You may see these photos and think, “there’s no way that could be real,” and you’re right. They’re totally, completely, absolutely fake. Wow! Amazing! Holy Cow!

kim jong fake nuclear photo

Credit: AFP/Getty; Shutterstock

These images are so fake you won’t believe they’re real, because they’re not!

Coffee Hot Tub

two people in a cup of coffee

Credit: Shutterstock

Some people say this was a possible new product Whirlpool was considering, but that’s not true at all.

Substitute Teacher

substitute teacher with a army man on his shoulder

Credit: Shutterstock

Students at High Valley High School said Mr. Jebbers the substitute teacher with a tiny army general on his shoulder was the best, but I also just made that up.