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These Women Reveal The Craziest Things They’ve Done at a Party…

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Everyone has one or two wild party stories from their youth. When you drank too much, made a few mistakes, and woke up somewhere you’d never expect. That’s exactly what happened to these women. We asked a bunch of women the most embarrassing, craziest, and wildest party stories. I never knew women could be this wild!

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Source: Instagram @completelycollege

These women are going to blow you mind.

Find out the wildest things these women have done at parties…


Charlotte said…

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Source: Instagram @pcbbananaman

“Well for spring break one year, we went to Florida and visited the John F. Kennedy Space Center. Anyway, I met this man who told me he was an astronaut, and I believed him, so we ended up hanging out all week with my friends. He gave me crabs, but whatever — he’s, like, been to space.”

Jennifer said…

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Source: Instagram @completelycollege

“Well one slumber party with my best friends we decided to make a red pasta sauce. Unfortunately, Chrissy wasn’t watching the pot and it boiled over getting red sauce all over our clothes. It was crazzzyyy! We ended up having to wear my Dad’s clothes because my Mom abandoned us for our Puerto Rican pool boy and took all her clothes to San Juan where she now lives.”