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This Animation Shows Trump’s Road to the White House, and it’s Disturbing

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“He’s gonna be huge!”

Trump Animation

Source: YouTube @Taiwanese Animators

Next Media Animgation, also known as Taiwanese Animators, have created a video showing how Trump plans to drive a large convertible straight to the White House. Of course it’s not exactly straight, but first his needs to bazooka a Fox New helicopter, run a Telemundo van off the road, and punch Jeb Bush in the face. That seems pretty close to the real thing.

The video, while fun, is also quite risqué, so watch with caution. Also check out the new YouTube 360 degrees feature that lets you watch from any angle. It’s pretty cool!

The video finishes with Trump flying on an eagle to the White House, picking up Obama, and bombing Iran with a nuclear missile. All which seems quite believable when you think about it.

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