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This Dad Wears Nail Polish, Makeup, Corset, Fishnets, Thong, Heels, and a Wig For His Daughter

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“It’s all for her.”


Cross dressing dad at playground

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This is David DaRisa. He’s a single dad with an 8-year-old daughter named Calia. When Calia was growing up without a mom, David did everything he could to help her.

That’s why David let Calia paint his nails every Saturday morning. And in the afternoon? He’d let her put makeup on him. Then, at night, David would let her help him tie his corset, pull on his fishnet stockings, fit his wig, and even slide on his heels.

“I’m doing it for my daughter,” David said. “Do you honestly think I would be wearing this pink lacy thong and mini-skirt while I strut through the Cockpit, my favorite downtown bar, for myself?”

Calia appreciates every minute of it. “Sometimes he’ll wear a flower dress, apron, and heels and walk around the house dusting. He tells me to call him Mommy. I know he’s doing it for me.”

“And when I bring a man home, I stay dressed as Mommy, so as not to confuse Calia. I’m doing this for her, you know? I’m just trying to let her have a NORMAL childhood. She’s a really special girl.”

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